Multicultural Leadership

June 22, 2020

Geo Prz




Call it as you wish. But Juana Bordas (2012), author of the book Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) explains that the most successful businesses will be those that incorporate the influences, practices, and values of these diverse cultures in a respectful and productive manner. Bordas is stating that simply by implementing multicultural leadership, your company’s environment would be better and your company would be ready to handle the needs of your multicultural customers.

Currently, I am reviewing the relevant literature about this very same topic. One assumption that has been proven already is that “Leadership concepts are culturally endorsed and that “societal culture influences leadership behaviors and effectiveness” (Yan, 2005). In writing a reflections paper on the topic, I can come to appreciate the importance of cross-cultural studies in understanding leadership behaviors in different cultures and/or in multicultural environments.

Here, I am sharing some findings:

– Learn about the cultures of people that you work and interact with. In other words, forget assumptions and stereotypes.

– Get a book about intercultural communication and learn about the subject from an academic level. Here is an old-time classic: Culture, leadership, and organizations: The GLOBE study of 62 societies. Sage publications.

– Take some formal training from intercultural experts. Email me, anytime

– Try and attend events or occasions where you can submerge yourself in another culture. There are several opportunities: events, festivals, cultural associations.

– Start listening and paying more attention when dealing with someone from another culture.

E.g., in some cultures, people tend to rely more on a recognition-based process to perceive leadership; in other cultures, people may be more likely to adopt an inference- based process to perceive leadership. Boards states that “Multicultural leadership encourages an inclusive and adaptable style that cultivates the ability to bring out the best in our diverse workforce and to fashion a sense of community with people from many pans of the globe.””

Your goal, as a multicultural leader, should be to become able to communicate efficiently with all manner of cultures in your sphere of influence. Are you ready to lead?


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Yan, J., & Hunt, J. G. J. (2005). A cross cultural perspective on perceived leadership effectiveness. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 5(1), 49-66.

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