• Angela Abdallah

    “George: It was a pleasure being a part of your Culture & Diversity class at Western Continuing Studies. As I mentioned, I was hesitant about taking this particular course – not sure if it would be meaningful. Well, I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve taken for the Leadership Certificate program. It not only was an eye-opener, it also helped to reinforce the fact that Amway Canada is well positioned from a diversity perspective – not that we’re perfect, but at least we know we’re well on our way. Thank you for that!”

    Angela AbdallahNational Marketing Manager; Amway Canada
  • Dr. Paulo Viana

    “I had always been complimented as a great leader and business person. However, in the last few years, I have taken some decisions that demonstrated the missing things in my approach to leadership and clear-thinking around my practice. George came to our company and worked with my team and me. I can honestly say that in 5 months of working with him, we are back on track. Now my staff and I can weather challenges that we have struggled with before. The bottom line is profit is up and more importantly my staff like coming to work and so do our clients. Gratefully, Dr. Paulo Viana.”

    Dr. Paulo VianaOwner, Viana Dental
  • Valerian Marochko

    “After your presentation, we had gathered feedback from those who attended and all the comments were positive. Many found your topic well presented with you making good use of samples throughout your talk. The questions on your handout had the audience thinking about your main points while they answered the questions. The handout was a nice tie-in to the discussion that followed. Thank you on behalf our Intercultural Education team for coming as a guest speaker and hope that we have another opportunity to hear you speak again at one of our future events”.

    Valerian MarochkoExecutive Director, LCCLC
  • Patricia Ferreira

    “The grades 5-8 students at ACES School had the pleasure of participating in a two part workshop on Emotional Intelligence by George Perez. The presentations were dynamic and interactive, specifically designed for the pre-teen age group. George’s multi media approach engaged the students and had them consider several aspects of what it means to develop ‘E.I.’ George’s enthusiasm and ability to encourage the students to think introspectively in terms of their personal goals and social interactions was highly effective. The higher critical thinking skills were applied in these work-shops and hopefully planted the seed of considering E.I development in each participant. Thank you George!”

    Patricia FerreiraPrincipal, ACES School
  • Nancy Kopriva

    “Your seminar provided several perspectives on multicultural marketing and introduced participants to distinctive strategies for marketing to ethnic consumers. Feedback on the seminar was very positive and participants reported that they learned valuable information they could use in their own businesses. We appreciate you taking the time to prepare and deliver your seminar. It was a pleasure to have you join us for the day”.

    Nancy KoprivaDirector, Comm & Engagement; Small Business Centre
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